Coton De Tulear

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The Coton De Tulear is a happy, playful, clownish, loving, gentle and friendly dog. He never tires of giving and receiving love, and wants to be an important part of your family, and the center of your attention. He becomes very attached to his owner. He is an indoor dog who can't be left alone for very long. He wants to be with you and to please you, and will keep close to you, trotting along beside you or snuggling in your lap or at your feet. He loves to be held, and to give kisses in return. He cocks his head curiously and attentively to listen to you. He is a fairly easy dog to train, quick to learn and ready to work, although occasionally he can be a bit stubborn. He is best trained with lots of praise, treats, and rewards. He may be difficult to housebreak. He's an extremely friendly. affectionate dog who loves to meet new people and is usually completely unaggressive with them. However, he can become shy if he isn't allowed to meet and get used to visitors while still a puppy. He makes a very good watchdog because he is alert, protective and vocal, and will sound the alarm at the approach of a stranger. He can sometimes bark too much, and is known for the odd and interesting sounds he makes, which are more like grunts or growls. He isn't a good guard dog because after he stops barking he will make friends with the intruder right away! A sweet and gentle dog at heart, he's also boisterous and full of enthusiasm and fun. He keeps his puppy-like joy all his life. He's always ready to play, loves tricks, and will jump and clown for you, or walk on his hind legs. Although an indoor dog, he's moderately energetic and loves and needs to play outside. He enjoys long, daily leashed walks, and chances to run free in a safe, wide-open space. He is a sturdy and hardy dog who can follow behind a horse for hours. He loves to swim. He gets along well with other pets and especially with other dogs, and is a patient and playful companion to children. He's able to tolerate some roughhousing, but may still be a better pet for older, responsible children. He basically doesn't shed, and so would be a good pet if you like your house neat and tidy.


The Coton De Tulear is 10 to 12 inches tall (to shoulders) and weighs 12 to 15 pounds. He has a long, fluffy, cottony coat, and sometimes has a downy undercoat. His coat color is white, or white and black.


He only needs an occasional brushing.


The Coton De Tulear comes from Madagascar and is related to other French Bichon dogs like the Havanese and the Bolognese. His name derives from the French word for "cotton." He probably arrived on the island during the 15th century in the company of sailors or French troops, and over time interbred with local dogs. Eventually he became the favored pet of wealthy families in the city of Tulear, and became known as the "Royal Dog of Madagascar." He was unknown in Europe and America until very recently, but he's now registered with the United Kennel Club of England, and is becoming an increasingly popular pet outside his native land.


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